A Repeat Customer

As a repeat customer, my concerns and fears of the unknown were comforted as I knew Ana works diligently to secure customer satisfaction. As I buyer, she accompanied my family on home searches and treated us if we were part of her family. Additionally, she counseled and educated us on the upside and downside details involving a purchase. As a seller, Ana was well equipped with a network of resources and contractors to help ready a house for the market. Dealing with property and people carries its own set of complexities. In my view, Ana’s philosophy is simplistic and designed to achieve goals in the shortest period of time possible: bid to buy and price to sell. Ana possesses a unique set of interpersonal skills and I would best describe her demeanor as persistent elegance. During my sell experience we encountered some common industry obstacles (which were unusual to me) and I realized the true value of an agent. Ana’s leadership prevailed and her proactive salesmanship proved to be a successful negotiating tool that kept both the buyer and the seller (me) happy. I would recommend Ana to anyone. Thanks Ana.